E.P.- release

After seven years of silence, this is the end of peace and quiet.

bloodofjupiter´s debut e.p. ”First Blood” to be released by Halloween 2018.

More info on songs, line-up, artwork & editions to be revealed after the release.

No further info or comments.


coming soon..


”Nature calls

The devil calls
Adventure calls
A call, the call
On the river taking me to that somewhere
But I am high up in the air
I saw that tower
I saw where it has risen
I saw the pain from thousands of years
I heard thousand years of screams
There is only a return to morbidity
The oath is sworn
And the time has come
Storm past torture
King of pain
The nice ace of anger
The scream of hate”

Interview with our tralala David

In october our singer travelled to California Deathfest and jumped over to Andrew Corson and recorded this pod for your pleasure. He´s full of shit and surprises… BEWARE!

Just to avoid confusions: Carl Abrahamsson is not releasing David´s book. He´s just doing the important setting of the first book.


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